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Do you realize how amazing you are?

It’s the first day of Capricorn season and today is half a minute longer than yesterday. The winter solstice has always been an interesting duality because on one hand, it is the shortest day of the year but on the other it means that we’re moving towards longer days. It is the first day of winter and the beginning of the return of summer.

As we move into the period where each day boasts more and more light than tis predecessor I want to urge anyone reading this to remember that they are amazing. As children, we are so full of joy and hope and curiosity but as each day passes, we begin to get bogged down by the realities and myths of life. I want everyone to remember the inner child within, know that their desires are valid, and take a moment to recognize the power within.

Life is a journey and we are all equipped with the tools we need to make it a beautiful one. ✨

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