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Hashtag 2020 Goals

I think I do a bad job as positioning myself as a filmmaker. Probably because for a long time, I’ve struggled with claiming labels for things that I haven’t been granted permission. It took a long time for me to claim the terms ‘artist’ and ‘photographer’ for the same reasons. Where are the credentials? Where are the accolades? Who is given me permission to claim these things?

On top of using myriad resources at my disposal and building up a body of work to support these claims, of the things that helped me to solidify these identities was a quote that said, “anyone with a camera and a desire to make films is a filmmaker.”

That was very powerful to me.

Anyone who has the DESIRE to be something, can call themselves the thing that they desire to be. In as much (I will say) as they are pursuing these desires. Anyway, it’s been just over 4 years since picked up my first professional camera and just over 2 years since I made the pivot from photo into film. I’m going to outline some of my filmmaking goals for the next year.

Remember: a goal is more than just something you want. It’s something that you are actively working towards bringing into reality.

1: Film Everyday

This is going to be a hard feat to accomplish but I really want to start carrying my camera around and filming things as I see them. I find that when I have my camera out, magic just happens. I’ve found this while working on composite and while doing my own filming of other things happening throughout the city. Plus, I very much believe that if you do something daily, you have NO CHOICE but to improve. It would be nice to put out a little vignette daily but I don’t think that’s likely.

2: Write

I have ideas for narrative works (short films, television), that are constantly bubbling up in my head. I feel like a lot of people see me with a camera and think of how THEY can ‘use’ me for their own gain with little to no thought about what my vision is as a filmmaker. I want to tell MY OWN stories, through MY OWN lens. And what better way to own your story than to write it. I have already begun this process small by small but I’m going to be more pointed about making true efforts to get these down on paper.

3: Work With Businesses

I’m discovering ways to monetize my craft and one thing that I’m beginning to formulate is a plan to work with businesses in my area to build commercial content for their websites and social channels. I want to identify at least 3 business that will pay me to create content consistently and quite possibly handle the marketing and distribution as well. So far my sights have been set on small businesses but I’ve been learning to dream as big as possible (and that small businesses might not have the budgets I need to work comfortably).

4: Act/Direct

Sometimes (that means some, times) I feel like I should release control of the camera to someone else so that I can direct and act in my own productions. One such that I’m currently writing is the perfect fit for that. Perhaps I do a pilot test and ship it around. I’m not exactly sure how this all works but I the first thing in life that I ever wanted to be was an actor and while I still breath, dreams don’t die.

Have you set personal goals for your craft or other endeavors? Share them below!

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