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The Disconnect

The more I grow as an artist, the more I understand that waiting for inspiration is useless. Art is about decisions based on information and experience. We experience the world and decide what to do with the information we take in. It’s all very much subjective.

That said, there is no day, I feel that I can’t spend the majority of the day pursing artistic endeavors, whether it takes the form of filming, illustrating, screenwriting, or photographing SOMETHING. There is no day that I couldn’t spend doing one, or a number of these activities and others without leaving with either a lesson learned or a product that I like. The disconnect, for me at this time anyway, is fining out how to market, monetize, and distribute the products of these activities.

I think for a lot of artists, we want to focus solely on the creation portion of the process. I’m finding out ways to focus not only on the creation of art, but also on the creation of wealth. With Jupiter, the ruling sign of Sagittarius, now comfortably sitting in Capricorn, I’m taking it upon myself to understand my value and demand the reciprocity I deserve.

Do you have any reservations when it comes to understanding your value and demanding your worth? Let me know!

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