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Updated: Dec 31, 2022

During the last several weeks of lockdown (which isn't even lockdown anymore? idk). I've been taking number of online classes via udemy, school of motion, motion design school, and domestika. These courses were made known to me though the generally insufferable facebook ad machine. However, there are often some gems and all the courses I'm taking are either extremely discounted or free.

In the last two weeks in particular I've spent nearly every waking moment watching tutorials on or messing around with AfterEffects. I've found that simply observing different people's methods and styles is extremely helpful. But of course, there is no better way to learn than to do. So, I'm challenging myself now to put my new skills to the test by creating little projects for myself to do.

I've added a motion graphics page to my website where I will be displaying infographics that I'm developing for my new endeavor ojiilu (n.) black city. ojiilu is a portamenteau of the Igbo word 'oji' meaning black and the Yoruba word 'iju' meaning city. With this I aim to tell stories with data about Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Follow along on my site or follow ojiilu at

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